Remembering Historic Coney Island

Remembering Historic Coney Island

A remarkable 1,000 square foot replica of historic Coney Island Amusement Park has officially opened to the public at EnterTRAINment Junction in West Chester, Ohio. All built by hand from scratch, the Coney Island replica features real working rides from Coney Island’s glimmering past, such as the Shooting Star roller coaster, the Lost River, the Ferris Wheel, Flying Rockets, Tumblebug, Wild Mouse, Sky Ride, Lake Como train ride, Turnpike and Carousel, just to name a few. All rides and attractions are based on historic photos and dimensions of Coney Island as it was in the 1960s. The replica is NOT a small, miniature recreation – the Shooting Star roller coaster alone is 40-feet long and 4-feet tall, and the Ferris Wheel is also nearly 4-feet tall. In addition to the rides, other features from the amusement park’s golden age include Coney’s iconic entrance-way, the famed Coney mall with its perfectly trimmed Ginkgo trees, a Haunted House, Lake Como, Moonlite Gardens, Skeeball and games arcade, basketball games, shooting gallery and the Whip, Cuddleup and Dodgems. There isl also a working trolley line with running trolleys bustling along Kellogg Avenue and stopping at Coney’s parking lot. The trolleys ran to Coney until 1925.


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