“Riding on the Rutland Railroad”

The Rutland Railroad was a Class I railroad operating in the states of Vermont and New York. The earliest predecessor of the Rutland was the Rutland and Burlington Railroad, which was chartered in 1843 by the state of Vermont to construct a line between Rutland and Burlington. The Rutland and Burlington Railroad changed its name to the Rutland Railroad in 1867. Much of the Rutland’s primary freight traffic was dairy-related products and the railroad was fondly remembered by many locals for the long milk trains that used to move over the system. In 1925, the Rutland reported 38 million passenger-miles on 413 miles of road and 559 miles of track. In 1951, all of the Rutland’s passenger trains were still pulled by Alco Mountain-type 4-8-2 steam locomotives, which had been built in 1946. The Rutland is a classic American Fallen Flag railroad.


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