“The Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Texas Rocket”

The Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad Texas Rocket was a lightweight, streamlined diesel-electric passenger train built by the Budd Company and was one of six train sets built at the time. The six trains were the first streamlined equipment purchased by the Rock Island, as well as being its first diesel-powered passenger trains. Four of these trains consisted of 3 cars each, and the other two each had 4 cars. The stainless steel trains were each powered by an Electro-Motive Corporation 1,200 hp TA locomotive. Unlike many other early streamlined trains, the locomotives were not permanently attached to the trains. The trains were partially articulated, however the observation cars were not articulated with the rest of the train sets. The Texas Rocket ran from Fort Worth, Texas to Houston, Texas, 283 miles, and made one daily round trip. The Texas Rocket was the first long-distance streamliner to serve the state of Texas. Equipment included the following cars: An articulated 2 car set that was the 32 seat Baggage-dinette-coach No. 402 Dream Lake, 76 seat coach No. 302 Mesa Verde, and the 28 seat coach, lounge, observation car No. 452 Centennial. In 1938, the Denver Rocket was reassigned to Kansas City-Dallas service and the Texas Rocket was simultaneously assigned on the Kansas City-Dallas service so that Rocket service could be provided between the two cities. Like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/railstream and visit our website http://www.classicstreamliners.com.


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