“Illinois Central’s Panama Limited: A Luxurious Ride on the Rails”

The Panama Limited was an all-Pullman car train between Chicago, Illinois and New Orleans, Louisiana. For most of its history a St. Louis section operated between St. Louis, Missouri, and Carbondale, Illinois, where it connected to the main train. The Panama Limited was always operated by the Illinois Central Railroad except for its last three years (1971–74) when it was operated by Amtrak. The train ran overnight between Chicago’s Central Station, St. Louis Union Station and New Orleans Union Station (replaced in 1954 by the current New Orleans Union Passenger Terminal). At times it carried through sleepers for connections to Gulfport, Mississippi, Little Rock and Hot Springs, Arkansas and San Antonio, Texas. The train began on February 4, 1911, replacing the Chicago and New Orleans Limited and was named in honor of the anticipated opening of the Panama Canal. See more at http://www.classicstreamliners.com and Follow Us on Facebook at http://www.Facebook.com/RailStream.


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