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“Air-conditioned Lounge Car on the Frisco Meteor”

Air-conditioned Lounge Car on the Frisco Lines’ crack train, “The Meteor”, between St. Louis, Tulsa, and Oklahoma City. Luxuriously furnished, tastily decorated, and unusually comfortable. . . Cool in Summer, agreeably warm in Winter. “The Meteor” was a named passenger train operated by the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway (a.k.a. SLSF or “the Frisco”). It ran overnight between Oklahoma City and St. Louis via Tulsa. In 1948, Frisco No. 4501, a 4-8-4 Steam Locomotive, still in its Meteor livery, pulled President Harry S. Truman’s whistle stop tour train through his home state of Missouri. See more at http://www.classicstreamliners.com and follow us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/railstream.

“Waiting for the Frisco, circa 1899”

This beautiful advertising artwork was typical of American railroads at the turn of the century. It has a holiday feel, and makes one long for the good old days of vintage passenger train travel. The children are in the Frisco Line depot waiting room. For more on the Frisco and classic passenger train travel go to http://www.classicstreamliners.com/Texas_RRs_-_3.php. To hear the new song “Rockin’ On the Frisco Line” go here: http://www.classicstreamliners.com/TJ_Night_Owl_Blues.php. Happy Holidays!

“The Firefly: Fast Frisco Streamliner”

The St. Louis – San Francisco Railroad (the Frisco) operated the streamlined “Texas Special” in a joint venture with the Missouri–Kansas–Texas Railroad (MKT or the Katy). This luxurious streamliner ran from St. Louis, Missouri to Dallas, Texas, Ft. Worth, Texas and San Antonio, Texas. The “Texas Special” has been a very popular prototype in model railroading. While the Texas Special was the most famous passenger train the Frisco ever operated, it also operated an entire fleet of named trains. These included: the “Bluebonnet” (also a joint venture with the M-K-T from 1927 to 1948 that ran from St. Louis to San Antonio); the “Black Gold” (Tulsa to Fort Worth); the “Firefly” (Tulsa to Kansas City); the “Kansas City-Florida Special” (Kansas City to Jacksonville); the “Memphian” (St. Louis to Memphis); the “Meteor” (an overnight streamliner from St. Louis to Tulsa and Oklahoma City); the “Oklahoman” (which once connected Kansas City to Tulsa but was later rerouted between St. Louis to Oklahoma City); the “Southland” (Kansas City to Birmingham); the “Sunnyland” (Kansas City via St. Louis and Atlanta to Pensacola); and the “Will Rogers” (St. Louis via Oklahoma City to Wichita).